What’s new in version 0.4

  • Added option to display both the absolute frequency and the percentage of the total for each intersection and category. (#89 with thanks to Carlos Melus and Aaron Rosenfeld)
  • Improved efficiency where there are many categories, but valid combinations are sparse, if sort_by='degree'. (#82)
  • Permit truthy (not necessarily bool) values in index. (#74 with thanks to @ZaxR)
  • intersection_plot_elements can now be set to 0 to hide the intersection size plot when add_catplot is used. (#80)

What’s new in version 0.3

  • Added from_contents to provide an alternative, intuitive way of specifying category membership of elements.
  • To improve code legibility and intuitiveness, sum_over=False was deprecated and a subset_size parameter was added. It will have better default handling of DataFrames after a short deprecation period.
  • generate_data has been replaced with generate_counts and generate_samples.
  • Fixed the display of the “intersection size” label on plots, which had been missing.
  • Trying to improve nomenclature, upsetplot now avoids “set” to refer to the top-level sets, which are now to be known as “categories”. This matches the intuition that categories are named, logical groupings, as opposed to “subsets”. To this end:
    • generate_counts (formerly generate_data) now names its categories “cat1”, “cat2” etc. rather than “set1”, “set2”, etc.
    • the sort_sets_by parameter has been renamed to sort_categories_by and will be removed in version 0.4.

What’s new in version 0.2.1

  • Return a Series (not a DataFrame) from from_memberships if data is 1-dimensional.

What’s new in version 0.2

  • Added from_memberships to allow a more convenient data input format.
  • plot and UpSet now accept a pandas.DataFrame as input, if the sum_over parameter is also given.
  • Added an add_catplot method to UpSet which adds Seaborn plots of set intersection data to show more than just set size or total.
  • Shading of subset matrix is continued through to totals.
  • Added a show_counts option to show counts at the ends of bar plots. (#5)
  • Defined _repr_html_ so that an UpSet object will render in Jupyter notebooks. (#36)
  • Fix a bug where an error was raised if an input set was empty.