Plotting with generated dataΒΆ

This example illustrates basic plotting functionality using generated data.

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cat0   cat1   cat2
False  False  False      56
              True      283
       True   False    1279
              True     5882
True   False  False      24
              True       90
       True   False     429
              True     1957
Name: value, dtype: int64

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
from upsetplot import generate_counts, plot

example = generate_counts()

plt.suptitle('Ordered by degree')

plot(example, sort_by='cardinality')
plt.suptitle('Ordered by cardinality')

plot(example, show_counts='%d')
plt.suptitle('With counts shown')

plot(example, show_counts='%d', show_percentages=True)
plt.suptitle('With counts and % shown')

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